Learn what Alan Lomax's Choreometrics project was about and discover what dance film clips are archived at the Library of Congress.

Learn what our team is doing to re-image and re-imagine Choreometrics and what we are discovering in the Library of Congress archives.

Learn how we plan to build on the Choreometrics model and further develop the information through digitization and other interdisciplinary initiatives.

Our Current Work on Choreometrics

The Alan Lomax Collection is “the premiere collection” at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, according to Dr. Betsy Peterson. The Choreometrics section of the collection contains 76 boxes (38 linear feet) with approximately 3,300 additional film elements from approximately 800 cultures.

  • What is the potential value of the film clips to scholars and students if digital access were granted to the rich information contained within the collection?
  • Which organizations and institutions already have—or could have—a stake in the future of this project?
  • What kind of digital platform and presence should the potential Choreometrics site possess?

Laban Movement Analysis was used by the Choreometrics team—each ended up influencing the other as well. Laban Movement Analysis maps human movement and can also be used as a recording system. Visit the Laban Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) website for more information.

We have compiled a glossary of terms from the fields of ethnography, Laban Movement Analysis (and other movement analysis/notation systems), and neuroscience.

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