Learn what Alan Lomax's Choreometrics project was about and discover what dance film clips are archived at the Library of Congress.

Learn what our team is doing to re-image and re-imagine Choreometrics and what we are discovering in the Library of Congress archives.

Learn how we plan to build on the Choreometrics model and further develop the information through digitization and other interdisciplinary initiatives.

Choreometrics in the Past

Choreometrics is a global anthology of dances seen in cross-cultural perspective. — Alan Lomax

Photos courtesy of the Alan Lomax Collection (AFC 2004/004),
American Folklife Center, Library of Congress

Excerpt from “Dance & Human History”
one of four short films Lomax produced from 1974-1984

History & Collection

Cultural Equity logoFor information about the history of the Choreometrics project, visit the Association for Cultural Equity’s Choreometrics page and browse their extensive collection of photographs, sound recordings, videos, and other archives.

American Folklife Center logoVisit the Alan Lomax Collection at the Library of Congress American Folklife Center to browse information about the collection and recent publications.