Learn what Alan Lomax's Choreometrics project was about and discover what dance film clips are archived at the Library of Congress.

Learn what our team is doing to re-image and re-imagine Choreometrics and what we are discovering in the Library of Congress archives.

Learn how we plan to build on the Choreometrics model and further develop the information through digitization and other interdisciplinary initiatives.

We will be celebrating the centennial of Alan Lomax and his groundbreaking work with a three-day symposium from April 16-19 at the University of Maryland. Find out more about Dancing Ireni: Reimaging and Reimagining the Choreometrics Project and register for the event!

What is Choreometrics?

Choreometrics is a scientific study and measurement of cross-cultural dance.

About this site

The current project reimagines the ways in which the over 3,000 film clips of dances from around the world that comprise part of the Lomax collection at the Library of Congress could be digitized, marked up, analyzed, cross-referenced, and made accessible.

“We have an overarching goal — the world of manifold civilizations animated by the vision of cultural equity.” — Alan Lomax

This project is funded by a Future of Information Alliance Seed Grant with the support of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.